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 Published: 10.22.21

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Cassandra Hager

TV Review

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      RELEASE: 10.15.21


Genre: Crime. Drama. Romance.

Meet The Popcorn Rating System

                                                 (W/ LIGHT SPOILERS)


YOU (2021)



It’s hard to believe nearly two years have passed since we got a glimpse into the complicated, sexy, and incredibly psychotic lives of Joe Goldberg and Love Quinn.


Season 2, predictably, left us with a mighty cliffhanger - suggesting that even though Joe was settling down into suburban life, he wasn’t quite done with his stalkerish ways. As it turns out in the season premiere, it might actually be Love who - eh hem - has an axe to grind.


It’s clear from the get-go that You is not the show it once was, which isn’t a bad thing. Main character Joe has gone from a wide-eyed peeping Tom to an underslept, married father to a 6-month-old son. What started out as a hypersexual and exciting relationship with Love has evolved, and the story of their twisted yet oddly charming life together has followed suit.


Joe and Love may now be living their suburban dream (or nightmare) but many of the tropes that made us addicted to the salacious drama remain in tact: There’s an intriguing and mysterious next door neighbor as well as a whole new batch of good-looking, upper class know-it-alls who are too interested in other peoples’ business for their own good. Throw in a young couple who has more than a few (literal) skeletons in their closet and you’ve got the makings of an entertaining new chapter that isn’t straying too far from what made audiences fall in love with the show in the first place.


As a viewer, I’ve always grappled with mixed feelings toward Joe and Love. They are undeniably flawed (to a clinical degree) yet we continue to root for them. Now that they have a child, we get to see them go through that same internal conflict with themselves: Can they be good parents knowing the ghosts of their past may or may not come back to haunt them? I guess we’ll find out.


I’m not expecting to take anything super meaningful away from season 3 of You. After all, it’s the cinematic equivalent of a hot fudge sundae with extra whipped cream and sprinkles. It’s gratuitous, unnecessary, indulgent and completely delicious. And I, for one, can’t wait to dig in and see what the rest of the season has to offer.

YOU Season 3 is NOW STREAMING on Netflix 


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