Netflix's Unsolved Mysteries is a semi-reboot of the very popular docuseries that ran from 1986 to 2010. The series explored unsolved cases and the mysteries that lay within the details. 


I was never one to go towards the true crime genre, as there's normally too much darkness happening in the present day that it never seemed relevant or beneficial to go back in time to watch these people's disappearances go unsolved. 


Yet now in 2020 when things are debatably at their darkest in some time, I took the leap and watched the premiere of Netflix's Unsolved Mysteries, titled "Mystery on the Rooftop." How did my time with the show transpire, you ask? 


"Mystery on the Rooftop" had me floored; what a way to lead off a big return for a staple in the true crime genre. From beginning to end I was captivated with the mystery at hand - immersed in the mystery of Rey Rivera's apparent “suicide.”


The premiere is wonderfully cut to never leave you second guessing why you're still watching. The show makes you desperately desire a conclusion to the victim's story, but you unfortunately can't have it - even knowing that way ahead of time due to the series' title. 


Spoilers are not my way of writing as you can probably tell by the way previous paragraphs came together. Here's all you need to know when considering Netflix's Unsolved Mysteries: Do you enjoy true crime documentaries? Are you a fan of having to rack your brain trying to find an answer that you'll never retrieve? If the answer was 'Yes' to either, then definitely consider this your new obsession.

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 Published: 06.24.20

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