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Take it or Leave It

Middle of the ROAD



Netflix has cancelled Mystery Science Theater 3000 


Elizabeth Banks to direct and star in THE INVISIBLE WOMAN for Universal


Director Albert Hughes (Book of Eli) to helm a remake of THE FUGITIVE 


Warner Bros hints that Michael B. Jordan may be the new Superman - possibly replacing Henry Cavill 


While attending Tokyo Comic Con, Mark Ruffalo revealed he was asked by Marvel’s Kevin Feige for any ideas of interest for his Hulk character - suggesting “Hulk versus Wolverine” 


Daniel Craig confirms that NO TIME TO DIE will be his last BOND film, marking his fifth appearance as the titular Bond 


JJ Abrams told a story recently about how a particular STAR WARS actor left a RISE OF SKYWALKER script was left in his/her hotel room. Soon it found its way to Ebay, where Disney quickly reclaimed the stolen property. Abrams wouldn’t reveal the name of the individual actor, however John Boyega has now stepped forward as said actor. 


Black Christmas (2019) director, Sophia Takal confidently calls the remake “a fiercely feminist film”


Prior to Heath Ledger’s passing, Ledger and George Miller had multiple conversations about him taking over the Mad Max role from Mel Gibson. The role would eventually go to Tom Hardy


Questlove will direct BLACK WOODSTOCK, a feature documentary about the Harlem Cultural Festival 


Todd McFarlane’s long awaited reboot of his property SPAWN apparently doesn’t have a studio attached any longer. Saying the film will move forward with a studio or no studio, “Either Wa, The Movie’s Coming.” 


Alexander Payne to direct remake of the 1988 film, BABETTE’S FEAST 


The next Martin Scorsese film starring Leonardo DiCaprio, FLOWER MOON eyes production start of Spring 2020 


THE BIG SHORT scribe to write WeWork drama for Blumhouse 


Robert Pattinson doesn’t want Batman to be called a “superhero”

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