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 Published: 04.14.21

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Connor Petrey

TV Review

Meet The Popcorn Rating System

      RELEASE: 04.14.21


       Genre: Reality. Competition. 

Meet The Popcorn Rating System

THE CIRCLE (2021) Season 2, Episode 1 - 4 


Originally a British reality competition series, NETFLIX brings the outrageous and topical The Circle to the states for its second season. 


For those unfamiliar with the first season, the name of the game is to become the most popular person within the social media platform "“The Circle"” and win the votes of your peers. It’s your choice whether to play as yourself or as a catfish, as long as it gets you to the end prize of 100k.


This season we have a great mixture of different sorts of people including a good chunk of catfish to be caught. Our starting contestants include (in order they are presented) Savannah, Emily, Bryant, Trevor, Terilisha, River, Chloe, and Courtney. You'll quickly learn tidbits about each of their lives and motivations for participating in the show, but don't get too attached because opinions can change in an instant; also keep in mind that nearly every episode one or more players will be going home and replaced by someone new. Who you think might be your favorite can change in an instant with the next text they choose to send.


In comparison to the first season, the first episode here had me worried early on. Comedian Michelle Buteau returns to host season 2 and stumbles to deliver the laughs a majority of the time, narrating what’s happening on screen. The best humor is purely from the conversations through texts and the contestants talking to themselves; this is heightened by cursing being perfectly acceptable in dialogue thanks to Netflix. But once the cast of players started to play the game, the pieces fall in place to become one of the most addicting game shows out there.


This go 'round we are also given the opportunity to see some potential celebrities infiltrate "The Circle" with the likes of Chloe from Too Hot To Handle and NSYNC's Lance Bass making the virtual rounds on the show. However, if they are who they say they are is for you to discover.


As a quick side note for those of you out there that hate the use of the word “hashtag” in a verbal sentence, you’re in for quite the ordeal here as almost every conversation has numerous “hashtags” included. 


While the series is built of thirteen, hour long episodes, the first four soar by as the competition heats up and tensions rise. Anxiety runs high throughout the first four episodes, and you quickly grow to love/hate certain players. For a game that takes place with no physical interactions between people, it’s a one of a kind show that has luckily come across the pond and into our sights - the ultimate social media game.

                                                 (W/ MINOR SPOILERS)



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