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 Published: 10.11.21

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Connor Petrey

TV Review

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      RELEASE: 09.30.21


Genre: Animation. Comedy.

Meet The Popcorn Rating System

                                                 (W/ LIGHT SPOILERS)





Ten Year Old Tom is the return of the not quite cult classic creator of The Life and Times of Tim, a show that seemingly ran 3 seasons before disappearing without a trace - supposedly from a falling out between creator Steve Dildarian and HBO. Now Dildarian is back with a fury and brings along with him the same exact energy he brought to The Life and Times of Tim nearly a decade ago to this new show… but in 2021 maybe it’s time this comedy reached its true audience.


I’m not gonna talk about whether or not I find this show superior to his previous series but I will say that fans of it will absolutely adore this show because it's truly more of the same with a twist. The comedy is dry, quick and awkward - making for a fantastic animated tenseness of hilarity similar to the likes of Louie (2010-2015) or Curb your Enthusiasm


The premiere and every episode after is split into two (close to) fifteen minute segments which means that even if you don’t love the short you start with you might love the closer. The premiere begins with a bang with absolute stunners that follow Tom being the bud of everyone's joke / hatred and he just goes along with it; trying to make the best out of an awkward situation. The first segment has him perform bassoon and failing miserably so he is forced out of band and onto the baseball team where he once again fails miserably and comes into contact with a drug dealer that could give him steroids to improve his game. The story is dark but is surrounded by constant dry whit - which makes you smile while feeling awkward. That's just how this show plays out. That’s even more so the case with the second short where the kids want an ice cream cone from the ice cream truck ran by non-other than David Duchovny and decide to fake Tom’s backstory in order to get people to donate money to his “ice cream fund” which soon goes out of control. 


If you watch the first episode and despise it - Ten Year Old Tom is not for you. But if you love it and have never heard of The Life and Times of Tim I urge you to seek out the DVD and watch the first season because that truly is a forgotten classic lost in HBO’s extensive catalogue.


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