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 Published: 08.12.21

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Nick L'Barrow

TV Review

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      RELEASE: 07.23.21


Genre: Comedy. Drama. Sport. 

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TED LASSO (2021)

Season 2, Episode 1 "Goodbye, Earl"


Regarded as one of the best TV shows to come out in 2020, the long-awaited season 2 of the wholesome comedy hit Ted Lasso has returned to Apple TV+!


Episode 1 begins with Ted Lasso (Jason Sudekis) and his beloved soccer team, Richmond FC struggling to do anything except draw all their games after being promoted to a new football league. Unsure of how to get the team out of this funk, and after a tragic (yet in the show’s world, absolutely, ridiculously hilarious) accident occurs during a penalty shoot out, head of Richmond FC, Rebecca Walton (Hannah Waddingham) utilises the expertise of a team psychiatrist in order to help them breakthrough and start winning more games.


I am unsure of how they pulled it off, but even just after watching one episode, Ted Lasso season 2 already feels just as great as it’s preceding season. The laughs are non-stop with Ted’s classic allegories, or Roy Kent’s (Brett Goldstien) rapid-fire insults, or the fact that former Richmond footballer Jamie Tarrt (Phil Dunster) is now on a Bachelor-esque reality show. Each joke gained a decent laugh out of me, there were plenty to be had in this episode.


However, it’s not just the humour of Ted Lasso that won the audience over, but the show's immense heart. Ted is one of TVs most positively genuine characters, and that is felt throughout this new season. Now that Ted has pulled together the Richmond FC team to care for each other more, there are many scenes and moments that will undoubtedly put a smile on your face (and yes, Ted is still bringing biscuits everyday!). Watching Rebecca, Higgins (Jeremy Swift) and Keeley Jones (Juno Temple) all working alongside each other and Ted with the common goal of always keeping the team together is superbly, heartwarmingly written television.

If you haven’t seen Ted Lasso season 1, I implore you to do so. You will laugh so much, you may cry. And the show is so heartwarming, that you will cry with a smile on your face. It’s the most positive media out there at the moment, and a show that’s timely arrival during a global pandemic, left an amazing mark on the people who have watched it. Episode 1 of season 2 continues on this amazing feeling, and sets up a season ahead which may just top the first!

                                                 (W/ LIGHT SPOILERS)



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