From Steve Carell and Greg Daniels, the creator of Parks and Rec, The Office, The Good Place, and Upload, comes Space Force - a political satire that manages to be immensely satisfying, charming, and addictive to consume. Sitting at ten episodes, Space Force is on the shorter side of comedy seasons, especially when comparing shows from creator Greg Daniels, but even with our limited time (approx. 5 hours), the season feels fully fledged from its characters’ immediate chemistry to the dynamic plot that never quite goes the way you expect. 


Out of ten episodes, only two stand out as "fillers," and even those help better establish the backstory of many of the characters within Space Force. Relationships are born, relationships expand, and most importantly a rocket takes lift off, making every episode worthwhile to watch and re-watch over again. 


Within a matter of a week I have managed to view all ten episodes and go back and rewatch every second just because I fell for Steve Carell's General Naird and John Malkovich's Dr. Mallory’s chemistry instantaneously. Those two make the show, and the rest of the supporting cast and the numerous cameos are just icing on the cake of a near flawless show. If you're a fan of Greg Daniels’ work you'll certainly find something special here, but it's important to not go in expecting The Office or The Good Place, as Space Force is something entirely new (yet oddly nostalgic) and manages to be just as beautifully done.

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 Published: 05.26.20

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      RELEASE: 05.29.20


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Space Force (2020) Season One REVIEW