South Park - Season 24, Episode 1 “The Pandemic Special”


South Park is widely known to be made weekly, therefore they can make episodes about incredibly current subjects every week. I recall seeing a lot of memes online about what Trey Parker and Matt Stone were going to do with their next episode of South Park considering the world we live in over the last few months with the pandemic, the Black Lives Matter movement, the wild fires, masks, Trump - the list goes on. I have to say, Trey and Matt really blew it out of the water with this one. They somehow managed to include everything from the last few months in 44 minutes. And it was hilarious.

The characters are well written, playing well within who they are as people and making good calls on how each character might react in the situation our world is in right now. We have Cartman with his 6 foot stick just to have some control, Randy ultimately causing the pandemic, Garrison’s explanation on why he won’t stop the pandemic, and Stan’s difficulty (as seen in many previous episodes) to grow up. While the episode is hilarious, it definitely has its moments of relatability when it comes to the boys’ feelings toward quarantine.

I did want to mention that the opening when the students are first required to go back to school and the police officers become the teachers was hilarious. Trey and Matt really made a statement about the police and Black Lives Matter - through Token. I appreciate this greatly.

Lastly, I loved their jokes with the chin diapers. Speaking as someone who worked through this pandemic, it’s crazy how many people truly wear their masks that way. I love the delivery scene between Stephen and the delivery guy; Stephen asks him to wear a ‘chin diaper’ before handing him his package. Classic humor. South Park is currently renewed until 2022, so hopefully season 24 can really start soon.

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 Published: 10.26.20

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