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Kyle Wolfe
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 Published: 01.17.22


Genre: Crime. Drama. Thriller.

“ It's the beginning of the end for Ozark”

     RELEASE: 01.13.22

OZARK - SEASON 4 - PART 1 (2022) 


"A financial advisor drags his family from Chicago to the Missouri Ozarks, where he must launder money to appease a drug boss."


It's the beginning of the end for Ozark and the Byrde family. 


The Byrde family is back and trying to gather themselves after the surprising death of Helen by the hands of her employer Omar Navarro of the Navarro Cartel. Season 4 - Part 1 picks up immediately where Season 3 left off, with our jaws hanging. 


Unsurprisingly it doesn't take Marty and Wendy too long to pull themselves together in order to save themselves and their family. By this point they have had to overcome some tough obstacles to get to where they are and this is no different. This first part of season 4 marks the first half of what is to be the final season of this dark crime family saga. I have immensely enjoyed this show thus far and was excited to witness where the creators would take it after that surprise season 3 ending. 


I'm happy to say that it doesn't disappoint; even though some of the events and consequences that we see play out (over the first 7 episodes) have lost a bit of the shock value. What's been a pivotal element of this show is how excellently it develops these characters as they continue on this nail-biting journey. This season revolves more around Ruth, Jonah, Charlotte, and Wyatt; they are more a part of the story now then ever and their evolutions as these characters feel organic. This season eloquently weaves several different explosive plotlines. Just when you start to think the show may be losing sight of some of its storylines, it brings it all together to show you what a dangerous and impressive web has been woven. 


It's entertaining as ever to watch the Byrde family band together in order to fight for their freedom from the Navarro Cartel, while working with them and the FBI. They may have gotten their hands in too many pots this time around because they will have to navigate some truly rough waters to get out alive and well.


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