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 Published: 09.14.21

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Dempsey Pillot

TV Review

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      RELEASE: 08.31.21


Genre: Comedy. Crime. Drama.

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Season One, Episodes 1 -  3


The first three episodes of Hulu’s latest original series Only Murders in the Building have just dropped and, if I’m being honest, this might just be my favorite new TV series of 2021. 


Now, I must warn you. The show does start off slow, but every good whodunit does. Just look at Mare of Easttown. However, by the end of episode one, even after meeting our three leads (played by the unlikely trio Steve Martin, Martin Short, and Selena Gomez), it’s made apparent that none of them are who they say they are. Like all great murder mysteries though, everyone is a suspect at one point - even if for a brief moment. 


The series follows three seemingly random tenants who discover that they are all obsessed with a true crime podcast. However, after someone in their building commits “suicide”, the three begin both their own investigation and podcast to try and uncover the truth. Despite being an absolute mystery, the series is a perfect parody of the genre too. In addition to poking fun at the ridiculous rabbit holes and red herrings that often plague investigations, it’s very self aware at how silly podcasts actually are and how obsessed people have become with them. 


Even as a parody though, the show finds a way to further distinguish itself by having each episode told from the perspective of a different character. Some might be major. Some might be minor. All are extremely diverse and especially enjoyable. 


Nothing is more enjoyable than the cameos though. In the first five minutes of episode one, there’s one major actress who appears that will certainly surprise comedy fans. But throughout the entire season (not confirming if I’ve seen more than the first three episodes), so many big names appear in roles that may or may not be integral to main the case. For instance, there’s one celebrity who I actually thought appeared as a gag, but then became a main suspect!


While the core mystery will be the thing that gets audiences attention at first, the hilarious chemistry between Martin, Short, and Gomez will keep people coming back for more. I can already see Short winning an Emmy for his performance that’s honestly on-par with Steve Carrell’s Michael Scott - there’s even a Michael Scott reference in the show too.


Long story short, don’t miss this show, and tell all your friends to check it out as well. Because episodes will be released weekly, I can easily see it becoming a constant conversation starter.

                                                 (W/ LIGHT SPOILERS)



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