Love, Victor is the television spinoff to the 2018 film Love, Simon. It stays faithful to the film by following almost the same story but, with a bit more depth. The series follows Victor struggling with his sexuality as does Simon in the film but he has a bit more obstacles with it upon the way.  We see him battling with religious family members, his own insecurities/confusions, and of course, the pressures of high school in the course of 10 episodes. 


The show as a whole kind is VERY charming, and that charm makes up for a lot of what it lacks. My main problem with it is falling into coming of age/high school tropes a little too often, making it feel too cheesy to stomach at some points. The likeable characters, and charismatic performances are really what keep you invested in the show. It also never overstays its welcome by being only 10 episodes with episode keeping within 25-30 minutes. 


The show really shines when it's not taking a detour from our main character, Victor. It’s exciting to see a show really delve into exploring sexuality while being so accessible and relatable for just about everyone. I loved getting to see him go through all of the ups and downs of coming out, and coming to terms with himself. In particular, an episode called Boy’s Trip that brought me to tears with the amount of beautiful moments shared between Victor and other people that went through similar hardships. Not to mention a really fun cameo! 

If you are a fan of Love, Simon then there’s a ton of enjoyment to be had here! I think this series will be very important to a lot of people. I really hope it’s successful enough to get a second season because things like this are exactly what we need in mainstream media!

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 Published: 06.22.20

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Love, Victor (2020) Season One REVIEW