The Lego Star Wars Holiday Special | SHORT FILM
Short Film Review






It’s been a big week in the Star Wars fandom so we’re here to cover it all with a review of…. The Lego Star Wars Holiday Special…. That’s the big Star Wars thing on Disney+ everyone’s been talking about this week, right?

It’s Star Wars on a sugar rush, think Bart Simpson on his mega squishee as we fly through every big moment in the Star Wars canon at lightspeed. It’s a little all over the place tonally and I found it quite hard to keep up with, but by the time we get to our final act it is fun and well handled. Ken Cunningham has directed a number of other Lego shorts, so it may be the speed that most of these Lego shows are paced at, but for a newbie like myself, you’ll need to hang on tightly! 

It’s Life Day and Chewbacca’s family are coming to visit (hooray, as someone who has seen and loved the first Star Wars Christmas Special). But whilst Poe and Rose are trying to organise the celebrations, Rey is having trouble teaching Finn in the ways of the force. When she discovers a way to visit Jedi masters of the past, she sets out on a time hopping adventure with BB-8, but things go wrong when the timelines start to crash together.

It’s a very silly but fun plot that sees some of our favourite characters at various points in their history. The best moments are when multiple versions of the same character end up together and it allows for some wacky interactions. The Life Day side of the story feels crammed in, and this could easily just be a time travel adventure story, so not everything flows fluidly, but it’s fun enough. 

There are some unusual characterisations – for instance the Poe in this is not the Poe I know from the films. Trying to get the tone of The Lego Movie with the cynicism of The Lego Batman Movie, they don’t quite get there as these just aren’t characters we’ve ever been able to see chill out or take a break. But there are some super fun moments with various iterations of Luke and Emperor Palpatine especially. I adored the running gag of young Luke and his blue milk box and chuckled every time it was shown.

It looks great, as all the Lego franchise projects do. A couple of characters looks slightly off, but on the whole it’s visually fun, easily recognisable and contains all the right elements we need to know it’s Star Wars. Now where can I get a BB-8 Christmas jumper like Poe’s?

You’ll get all the greatest hits here, with a wacky Lego style spin. You just cannot fault the music in any Star Wars project.

It’s not the best thing I’ve ever seen and doesn’t make a dent in the wake of recent Mandalorian episodes, but at 44 minutes it was a fun and silly distraction that will get a few laughs, especially from younger fans of the franchise.