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Rumors circulate that Christopher Landon, director of Happy Death Day may helm Blumhouse's Scream reboot. Fingers crossed.


Before heading back to Marvel, Taika Waititi has set a secret project with Fox Searchlight. 


Wesley Snipes joins the cast of the long awaited and possibly stale sequel, Coming To America 2. 


It may not seem like much time has past or if we really needed another but a reboot of both Night at the Museum and Home Alone will arrive sooner than we want on Disney+


Andy Serkis officially climbs aboard the Venom sequel as director 


Disney casts Joel Fry as Jasper, one for the bumbling crooks that steal the 101 Dalmatians for his boss, Cruella de Vil. Fry joins the cast featuring the likes of Emma Stone and Emma Thompson.


A perfect trilogy to be (possibly) ruined by a continuation ordered by Disney to continue the Planet of the Apes rebooted series. 


Serkis and Hardy assisting with writing the screenplay for Venom 2


Artemis Fowl secretly pulled from schedule and sent to May 2020 release 


Guillermo Del Toro guarantees that his next director/writer effort  Nightmare Alley will be rated R


As has been said many times before, Kal Penn claims that a Harold and Kumar 4 idea is there but funding needs to be in place in order for it to become a reality 


Michelle Williams confirmed to rejoin Tom Hardy in Andy Serkis' helmed Venom 2 saying that she is "Excited to Learn."


Disney decided to scrap majority of Fox slated projects after disastrous Dark Phoenix box office 


Tarantino is open to almost anything being his tenth and final film, now adding the Horror genre to the mix 


Tobin Bell will return in Chris Rock's soft reboot/sequel of the SAW franchise 


Schitt's Creek star Emily Hampshire leads independent horror film, HOME


There is a new G.I. Joe spinoff movie in the works from Hasbro and Paramount 


The Hunt pulled from release schedule and halted from release anytime in the near future due to recent Mass Shootings 


Dormant Field of Dreams shooting location will be used for REAL Major League game in 2020 to celebrate the film's 30th anniversary. 


Mysterious Blumhouse meetings link to Sylvestor Stallone coming to the final Purge installment

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