Arriving on Netflix this weekend is Emily in Paris, a new 10 episode show from Darren Star (Sex and the City, Younger). Focussing on 20 something Emily, played by a charmingly annoying and peppy Lily Collins, she ends up taking a yearlong promotion at a company in Paris - despite being under qualified and speaking no French.

Having only watched one episode so far, I can guarantee you will fall into one of two camps immediately – love or loathe. Luckily, as a Darren Star fan who is still mourning no new Younger this year, I’m in the love camp. The show is frothing with cam soapiness and the premise is utterly ludicrous. But oh, the clothes are stunning, the locations enchanting. I’ve been waiting for Collins to have a big break, she’s done some wonderful work in films like To The Bone and Love, Rosie and did her best to hold together this year’s tonally challenged Inheritance. Emily in Paris seems a brilliant showcase for her charm and zest, reminiscent of Hilary Duff’s character in Younger, but with more innocence.

Episode 1 focuses on setting up Emily to us, and making it clear that it’s her we should be rooting for. There’s a lot to scoff at – she eats a pain au chocolat and nearly orgasms, every French person is a heavy smoker, everyone is so mean to her! (But honestly, imagine turning up to a job in France without a lick of French vocabulary and expecting them to listen to your ‘new ideas’.) But it’s fun, and it’s silly and it’s a blast of warm summer air that I personally have been missing. If you watched Sex and the City, you’ll recognise some moments, but it is far more in the vain of Star’s most recent Younger. You’ll be left questioning what It is this woman is really paid to do, how she has so much time to run around looking pretty and just how does she afford those clothes? 


Verdict? If you want something silly that you can both laugh at, but also with? Personally, I’m all in for the next 9 episodes, and I can’t wait for the relationship drama to start. Hottie in the apartment downstairs seems like a nice distraction from her long distance Chicago boy. Give it a chance. Worst comes to worst, you’ll get to see some nice shots of Paris, and who doesn’t love Paris?

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 Published: 10.13.20

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