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 Published: 01.19.21

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Connor Petrey

TV Review

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      RELEASE: 01.13.21


                       Genre: Comedy.

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CALL YOUR MOTHER - Season 1, Episode 1 “PILOT”


The first episode of Call Your Mother (9:30pm ET Wednesdays on ABC) is a promising start to a predictable sitcom. From start to finish, the pilot’s narrative is easy to navigate, but it’s the family dynamic of our characters that makes this one have so much promise. 


The pilot episode follows mother Jean Raines (Kyra Sedgwick) as she realizes that she has lost touch with her daughter and son since their father’s passing and attempts to grow closer to them. After moving temporarily into an Airbnb, Jean quickly becomes a nuisance to both her children, with only her daughter’s roommate, her long distance friend, and her Airbnb host acting open to her smothering nature. The cast is filled with the typical sitcom ensemble but because it’s so rapidly paced and the acting is fair to great, the stereotypical character traits are easy to dismiss. From Call Your Mother’s meaningful dialogue to it’s occasional well written jokes, the show can fluctuate spontaneously from an average sitcom to a worthy addition to your weekly routine. 


The pilot is an above average launch for a series with very little buzz around it. It is well thought out and obviously open to becoming more over the course of the season, but the first episode did exactly what it needed to do: keep my interest the entire way through and entice me to continue. Is it the freshest show of the year? Probably not, but when it comes to sitcoms… at least it’s not Call Me Kat.

                                                 (W/ LIGHT SPOILERS)



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