Who doesn’t love The Addams Family? I mean they’re creepy, kooky, mysterious, and spooky. What more could one want from a family? It’s just a fun and neat concept that has limitless creative potential. You know what else has limitless creative potential? Animation! So what a joyful marriage this is, right? Right? Wrong! Turns out animating this iconic family honestly hindered the creative juices. Let’s give this movie the autopsy it deserves.



I owe a giant apology to Abominable. It looked like high end Pixar compared to this. I want to find some positives in the direction here, but there is little. I guess the directors kept a solid pace. It’s a quick sit and it never drags. Other than that, it’s an ugly looking movie. The designs for everything varies from off to terrible. Nothing pops or stands out. Literally nothing in the movie leaves a lasting impression. It’s just bad. No need to really harp on it. Just nothing really works, and it feels lazy.


There is absolutely no plot. None. It’s just a series of events occurring around the family. Generally I can get behind a movie that has a vignette vibe if it all comes together at the end. The only thing bounding these subplots is the tired and extremely worn out theme of “Don’t judge a book by its cover.” It does nothing new or creative with it. It preaches about nonconformity, but is the most by the book animated kids movie one can expect. It does nothing to separate itself from the pack, so its themes holding these plot threads together fall on deaf ears. I will say Wednesday Addams subplot about being the emo girl in school was kind of fun, but there is not nearly enough done with it. It’s just a nothing script.


Casting and performances were pretty solid here. If one can get past the horrible character designs you can feel flickers of brilliance from the cast. I am sure this has been said a million times on the internet, but why get Oscar Issac and Charlize Theron to be in an Addams Family movie and make it animated? Especially when the animation is so terrible and cheap that one will be begging for a live action version. As good as this cast is, one can’t sink their teeth into their performances because they are too distracted by the poor animation and the fact that Gomez Addams looks worse than trash. So, I can’t even enjoy the aspect of the film they nailed in the casting department. The directors and animators did the casting director so dirty here.



This aspect of the film is basic. I generally liked most of the song choices here. That Christina Aguilera song was pretty and actually set a nice tone. It’s always nice to hear The Addams Family theme on the big screen. However, that rap version that closes out the film was such a mood killing jam that it left a sour taste in my mouth. It took all the good will I had toward the music and flushed it down the tubes.


As I stated several times in this review, the animation is bad. It looks direct-to-DVD kids movie. Nothing pops, and nothing ever looks good. Even cool creative choices like Wednesday having noose pigtails is undercut by looking like a pre-Toy Story 90’s Pixar demo. Like, I get that the family is meant to be horrific, but I’d like to think not in that way. I know animators probably busted their tails to make this movie, so I do feel bad harping on it. However, their efforts are not conveyed properly in the finished product.

Bottom line is that the Addams Family deserved so much better than this. Pardon the pun, but this was lifeless and soulless. It was clear to me early on that they felt like they could coast because The Addams Family is such a cool premise that it would be hard to screw up. Well, I am sorry. One can’t coast when it comes to this property. It is meant to be explored in all creative avenues, and this could have been a perfect opportunity to show this to a new generation that musters the awesomeness that is The Addams Family. Instead, they took the easy road and they found themselves on the highway to hell. I am done giving any more thought to this, because it is clear to me they put very little thought into the making of the movie.






                                                  “Pink is a Gateway Color."

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Written By Justin Gordon

Published: 10.30.19


Ediited By McKayla Hockett

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Justin Gordon

Release: 10.11.19

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