Don’t you wish there was a pop culture review site that appealed to cinephiles both professional and casual?

Well, look no further than!

New content such as movie and TV reviews, film essays, and more are released every week by writers who crave for movies like every moviegoer craves for popcorn! CRPWrites is dedicated to making sure no one is wasting time or money where they shouldn’t be. After all, you have to be able to buy your popcorn and eat it too! 

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Connor Petrey


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Connor is a Little Obsessed with the World of the Cinema. Ever Since he was a Little Kid, He Wanted to Spend Every Day in the Theater Watching Every NEW Movie that Got Released. Now as an Adult, He Takes Every Chance He Gets to Watch as Many Films in Theaters as Physically Possible. 

He's Just a Normal Film Geek [Cinephile if You Will] and Wants Nothing More Than to Help People Decide What Movie is Right for Them; That Way Nobody Winds Up Wasting Their Day or Money Watching a Disaster of a Feature Film. 

McKayla Hockett

Senior Content Editor

McKayla is a recent college graduate with a degree in Middle Childhood Education from WSU in Dayton, OH. She currently teaches English Language Arts. She’s a true crime lover who spends her free time perusing streaming services looking for something new to binge with her cat. She also loves going to the theatre, even though she knows she’ll spend way too much money on popcorn.


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Frequently asked questions

How to Apply to Become A (Volunteer) Writer?

In order to apply please use our contact form. Send us a message of interest and then write a review of a film you recently saw (in the CRPWrites format) to We'll reach out as soon as we can after submitted.

Can You Submit a Film (You Represent) For Review on CRPWrites?

Have something you'd like us to look at and review? Contact Us and we will get back to you as soon as we possibly can. If we do decide to view the content it may take some time before a review is published. Please be sure to mention any embargos present and we will respect them.

Can I Run an Advertisement on CRPWrites?

Absolutely! For a Low Monthly Rate We will Happily Display a Banner Ad on our Site! Contact Us with Any Business Inquiries

What Does the 'CRP' in CRPWrites Stand For?

CASUAL.REVIEWS.with PURPOSE. Or in Less Professional Terms Those Are Just The Owner's Initials.

How Does Your Rating System Work?

It's a Simple and Easy Rating System that is Characterized by Popcorns (the Perfect Movie Snack) | A Full Popcorn Equals a Must See | A Half-Empty Popcorn Equals a Guilty Pleasure | A Spilled Popcorn Equals Garbage (to Put in the Simplest Terms)

How Often Do Reviews Get Released?

We Attempt to Release Reviews Twice A Week or More

Send Us Promotional Material in the Mail?

Yes, We Will Always Accept Promotional Material in the Mail. Just Contact Us and We'll Give You the Mailing Address.

Does CRPWrites' Review Comedy Specials?

Only on Occasion. We typically do not review comedy specials, however when we do it is reviewed in a completely unstructured format.

Can I Comment Anywhere on the Site?

At Least for Now, There is a Restriction on Letting Our Readers Comment on the Reviews or in a Forum, as Time Goes on We May Begin to Develop One. If you need to get ahold of us, Contact Us

How Do I Report a Glitch Appearing on the Site?

If You See a Major Glitch That You'd Like to Report: Contact Us. The Site Like Ourselves Isn't Perfect and Will Experience Glitches. Please Refresh Multiple Times and The Site Should Fix Itself. The Site is Constantly Changing So, Please Be Patient with Any Glitch.

Why Do Most Reviews Pop Up Unannounced?

For a While We Tried To Announce Every Film That Was Being Reviewed But Ultimately Nothing is 100% Certain

Who Decides the Annual Awards for CRPWrites?

We Have Decided to Discontinue the Annual Awards Beginning in 2021

Who Developed the CRPWrites' Logo?

Our Fantastic Logo was Delveoped by Dan Mathis (@rocketvondoom on Instagram)